What’s a ‘Mini-Grant’?
The PTA Mini-Grant Program provides discretionary funds to enhance the educational experience at school. The funds are intended to cover innovative programming and initiatives not covered by existing budgets or dedicated funds.

Who can apply?
PTA members in the Oakland Terrace community can apply for a mini-grant to fund projects, materials, performances, field trips, etc. that support PTA goals. Family members, teachers, and Oakland Terrace staff members can all make a request. Please keep in mind the PTA Executive Board makes the final decision on all mini-grant requests and mini-grants are considered on a first-come, first-served basis.

When can I apply?
Applications can be submitted at any time during the school year prior to April 15 and will be considered on a rolling basis. The PTA will distribute grants all year, but no later than the end of April.

How do I apply?
All interested applicants should use the form below. The Oakland Terrace PTA Executive Board will vote to fund the application based on the application criteria.

How are funds distributed?
Funds will be distributed in person by the PTA Treasurer.

What are the requirements after receiving approval and funding?
Anyone who receives a mini-grant must report back to the PTA board by June 1 of the academic year on how funds were used, success and results of the initiative, and share any pictures or artifacts from the project. The board may request additional documentation.